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April is National Financial Capability Month

Insure Against Earthquakes: What's Your recovery plan? Knowing how you'll rebuild your life and home after an earthquake brings peace of mind. Illustration of a person securing and overhead light fixture and of a person seated in front of a laptop computer. Speech bubbles: Know your earthquake risk and possible impacts. Identify and fix home hazards to lesson damage. Make an emergency financial first-aid kit.

What does financial capability have to do with earthquakes? An important part of building and maintaining financial capability is preparing financially for emergencies and disasters. Take advantage of National Financial Capability Month to urge the people in your network to prepare financially for earthquakes by taking actions such as creating an emergency financial first aid kit and asking an insurance agent about earthquake insurance.

Taking steps today to prepare financially for disasters can strengthen and speed recovery afterwards.

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Promoting Tsunami Preparedness

FEMA tsunami preparedness message illustrating a figure running to high ground as a tsunami approaches.

For people living near or visiting the coast and coastal waterways, awareness of the tsunami risk is critical. A number of states engage in preparedness messaging campaigns this week or during the month of April to heighten awareness and teach people how to prepare and what to do in the event of a tsunami. For example:

  • California’s Tsunami Preparedness Week (March 27-31)
  • Alaska’s Tsunami Preparedness Week (March 26-April 1)
  • Hawaii’s Tsunami Awareness Month (April)
  • British Columbia’s Tsunami Preparedness Week (April 9-15)

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