Resolve to be Ready 2022

People often make resolutions at the beginning of a new year, so this is a great time to encourage preparedness actions. Take advantage of FEMA’s Resolve to be Ready social media toolkit to spread the word and connect your audience to the tips and tools that will help them prepare for earthquakes and other disasters in the year ahead.

FEMA’s Ready Campaign: Resolve to be Ready social media toolkit

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Social media kit for earthquake preparedness

Happy New Year from CREW!

If you’re a seismic or emergency management professional, you’ve likely put quite a lot of time and effort into promoting disaster preparedness this past year. Now is the time to look back, reflect on your hard work, and recognize your achievements. Congratulations on a job well done!

Now is also a great time to take a moment for yourself and your family. Before you gear up professionally for the new year and dive into your projects for 2022, be sure to pause long enough to review and update your own personal disaster preparedness plans and emergency supplies — then ring in the new year with confidence and peace of mind!