New! Results of CREW’s Survey of Insurance Agents in the Western U.S.

Person seated at a desk and viewing an open laptop.

CREW surveyed insurance agents who sell homeowners and renters policies in the western United States to learn about their experiences and opportunities for discussing earthquake risk and earthquake insurance with consumers. More than 800 agents responded!

View CREW’s publication of the survey results.

The survey offers insight into a range of topics, including:

  • What opportunities agents have to talk with consumers about earthquake risk and insurance.
  • How common it is for consumers to ask about earthquake insurance.
  • How familiar agents are with the earthquake risk in the areas where they sell policies.
  • How willing agents are to educate consumers about earthquake risk and earthquake insurance.
  • What information and resources agents need in order to educate consumers about their risk and options.

The results of this inquiry can assist emergency managers and earthquake preparedness professionals both to understand the role of insurance agents in educating the public, and to design targeted and effective risk-communication tools and preparedness resources and messaging.

World Tsunami Awareness Day 2023: Fighting Inequality for a Resilient Future

World Tsunami Awareness Day: 5 November

The theme of this year’s World Tsunami Awareness Day (November 5) focuses attention not only on preparing coastal communities for tsunami, but also on the need to fight the inequalities that leave some people more exposed and vulnerable to the hazard and less able to recover from disasters.