Earthquake Information

Earthquakes are part of living in Cascadia. We know from historical evidence and our own experience that they have happened in the past and are likely to happen in the future.

This section provides an FAQ about earthquakes that answers common questions about these events.

We also review the hazards associated with earthquakes — the ground shaking, liquefaction (when soil liquefies during shaking), landslides and tsunami that can follow an earthquake and affect residents, homes, businesses and the economy of a region.

Depending on where you live or work in Cascadia, tools are available that show how earthquakes and related hazards could affect your community. Learn more about earthquake hazards in your area.

Some towns and cities in Cascadia are more vulnerable to earthquakes and hazards than others. That is, they are more at risk if an earthquake strikes. Among areas that are vulnerable, different communities will be affected in different ways. CREW and other groups use various tools to try to understand how future earthquakes would affect different parts of the region and what communities stand to lose during and after an event. Learn more about Cascadia’s societal risk from earthquakes.

For notable earthquakes in your area, please see History of Earthquakes in Cascadia and learn more about the different kinds of earthquakes that affect our region.