Earthquake Information

Earthquakes are a hazard in Cascadia and throughout most of the western United States. To see how earthquakes and related hazards could affect your community, explore the resources available for your state/territory:

Alaska: Geological Survey and Earthquakes Center

Arizona: Geological Survey

California: Geological Survey

Colorado: Geological Survey

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam: USGS

Hawaii: USGS / Hawaiian Volcano Observatory

Idaho: Geological Survey

Montana: Bureau of Mines & Geology

Nevada: Bureau of Mines & Geology

New Mexico: Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources

Oregon: Department of Geology & Mineral Resources

Utah: Geological Survey and Earthquakes in Utah

Washington: Geological Survey

Wyoming: Geological Survey

Learn More about Earthquakes in Cascadia

Go to the FAQ about earthquakes for answers to common questions about these events.

Review the hazards associated with earthquakes — the ground shaking, liquefaction (when soil liquefies during shaking), landslides and tsunami that can follow an earthquake and affect residents, homes, businesses and the economy of a region.

CREW and other groups use various tools to try to understand how future earthquakes would affect different parts of the region and what communities stand to lose during and after an event. Learn more.