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The success of CREW hinges on interested individuals and organizations taking part in making the Cascadia region more resilient to future earthquakes.

CREW membership is open to any individual interested in advancing mitigation and community resilience to earthquakes in the Cascadia region.

CREW currently includes representation from business, engineering, geology, seismology, regional planning, transportation and utility systems, social science, and risk and emergency management.  It also includes individuals from across the Cascadia Region including British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California.  

There are two classes of membership that accommodate a member’s ability to participate: active and institutional.

  • Active: Active members are individuals with a demonstrated interest in the advancement of CREW’s mission and goals and must participate in at least one meeting each calendar year and participate on at least one committee.
  • Institutional: Institutional members are representatives of public organizations or private firms within the Cascadia Region.

To help us make the Cascadia more resilient to earthquakes, please contact us for more information.

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