What Are Your Plans for October 21?

For most states and territories, the Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill is just around the corner on October 21, 2021. How will you and your organization be participating this year?

It’s not too late to prepare: Check out ShakeOut.org to find a treasure trove of ideas and resources to help you spread the word and plan an engaging and successful drill. The resources even include new tools and guidance on conducting your earthquake drill safely during the pandemic.

And don’t forget to visit the ShakeOut page of your state/region, as well as the website of your state or territory’s earthquake program and emergency management agency to discover what they have planned for ShakeOut this year.

Take Time Out to Promote Earthquake Preparedness

September is National Preparedness Month, so seize the opportunity to increase your community’s readiness for earthquakes and other disasters. Visit Ready.gov and the 2021 National Preparedness Month page to learn more, and don’t forget to check out the graphics and other information in the social media preparedness tool kits—they make it easy to build your own outreach campaign and pass preparedness tips to your network!