Ready to Recover Podcasts explore disaster recovery tools, issues, and topics

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CREW just released six podcasts in our new Ready to Recover podcast series.

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The podcasts feature guest experts discussing how recovery works after a damaging earthquake or other disaster, including what people may experience when they seek to finance repairs and get back on their feet. The discussions consider common challenges and options, as well as what can be done to prepare before disaster strikes.

Six podcasts are currently available. You can access them at and via podcast apps such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and amazon music. (Coming soon to Google Podcasts, too!)

Homeowners, renters, businesses, and nonprofits will find useful information about what they may experience following an earthquake or other disaster, what resources could be available, and what steps they should consider taking today in order to ease and strengthen their recovery after a disaster.

Disaster preparedness and mitigation professionals will find insights and info about a range of subjects, from retrofit grant programs to disaster insurance, federal aid & loan programs, and issues related to recovery planning—as well as recommendations for public education and messaging. In addition, episode 1 talks about how the 2023 Hazus Estimated Annualized Earthquake Losses report by FEMA and the USGS can be utilized to help identify priorities, guide decision-making, and draw attention to the need for mitigation and recovery planning.

Each podcast includes speakers’ bios, a transcript, and show notes to direct listeners to the resources and information referenced in the discussion.

Listen and explore to learn more—and consider sharing Ready to Recover podcasts as part of your outreach & public education efforts!