Time to Promote Emergency Financial Preparedness

Insure Against Earthquakes: What's Your recovery plan? Knowing how you'll rebuild your life and home after an earthquake brings peace of mind. Illustration of a person securing and overhead light fixture and of a person seated in front of a laptop computer. Speech bubbles: Know your earthquake risk and possible impacts. Identify and fix home hazards to lesson damage. Make an emergency financial first-aid kit.

For many people, now is the time for spring cleaning. For most of us, spring is also the time for preparing taxes. Take advantage of the season to encourage people in your network to create or update their emergency financial preparedness kit: It’s an easy project now because they’ll already have their financial documents gathered together.

Get FEMA’s Emergency Financial First Aid Kit workbook, instructions, and checklists.

Visit Insure Against Earthquakes: My Safety Net page for more info, and check out the outreach toolkit for more resources.

Suggest also that people create a home inventory while spring cleaning. Free online tools include:

Prepare Pets for Disasters, Too

It’s not too late to remind people in your network that June is National Pet Preparedness Month. This is a great opportunity to send out a message to encourage pet owners and those with service animals to include them in their family emergency plans, prepare pet emergency kits, and think through how and where they’ll evacuate with their animals if the need arises.

Share the Prepare your Pets for Disasters page on the Ready.gov website.
Ready.gov also has a free Pet Preparedness Social Media toolkit, where you can download graphics and videos and find ready-made messaging on a variety of pet-preparedness topics.