NEHRP – Funded Projects

CREW develops projects and activities that support collaboration, raise awareness, and facilitate resilience-building efforts and earthquake preparedness across the western U.S. and beyond. The following is a sample of the projects CREW is currently developing with support from the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).


Building Tools for Earthquake-Preparedness Partners

CREW is consulting state and federal partners to develop a comparative overview of  earthquake programs, policies, goals, and strategies across the western region — information that will become the foundation of a new, online resource that earthquake program managers and other planners can use to identify opportunities for collaboration and to coordinate state and regional mitigation goals, strategies, and activities.

Creating Remote-Learning and Collaboration Resources

To further support coordination among states and between the private and public sectors, CREW is expanding our existing partnership portal and other collaboration tools, as well as developing new remote-learning resources for earthquake program managers and other earthquake-preparedness professionals.

The development of these and related products will encourage the exchange of ideas, enhance regional collaboration, and help states apply their resources efficiently to reduce seismic risk. 

Developing a Multi-State Earthquake Insurance Campaign

CREW is working with state, federal and industry partners to build a better understanding of the status of earthquake insurance in each western state. By exploring, comparing, and evaluating policies and strategies, this project can help identify ways to make earthquake insurance a more effective part of community resilience-building. 

A key part of the project is to identify existing programs and tools that raise awareness and promote earthquake insurance. Working with their creators, CREW is developing plans for a public education and promotion campaign that amplifies current efforts and can be customized to fit the needs of different states and communities.

Hosting Resilience Symposiums for Lifelines sectors

CREW continues our successful Lifelines Resilience Symposium series with a new forum that examines earthquake preparedness and resilience challenges. Slated for summer 2021, this symposium will be presented in webinar format, permitting participants from across the western region and beyond to attend. More information will be posted shortly.