Earthquake Insurance Projects

CREW’s multi-state earthquake insurance and financial preparedness projects and products were developed in consultation with seismic and insurance professionals and funded by a grant from the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program. 

Insure Against Earthquakes social media graphic

Insure Against Earthquakes Outreach Hub & Toolkit

Insure Against Earthquakes Toolkit: A resource for preparedness educators and seismic professionals, the toolkit site offers links to reliable information as well as ready-to-use outreach tools, including videos, social media graphics, sample messages, fact sheets, guides, and outreach tips.

Insure Against Earthquakes Public Hub: A website that provides basic information about earthquake insurance and financial preparedness and connects visitors to relevant content and useful online resources.

Forums and Webinars

Earthquake Insurance Webinars: Equitable Access to Affordable Earthquake Insurance: A Resilience Challenge

Mind the Gap National Earthquake Insurance Forum


Earthquake Insurance Snapshot: CREW worked with state, federal, and industry partners to survey and report on the status of earthquake insurance in the western U.S., paying particular attention to existing education and outreach efforts. 

Earthquake Insurance Survey of Insurance Agents: CREW is conducting an online survey of insurance agents in the western United States to learn more about their role in educating consumers about earthquake risk and insurance.