Outreach & Education Tools for Earthquake Preparedness

Cartoon illustration of a man thinking about expenses after an earthquake, and an insurance agent talking about earthquake insurance.

Now is a great time to encourage people in earthquake country to think about how they can be better prepared for earthquakes and other disasters. Not only is the start of a new year a time for taking stock and planning preparedness actions, recent earthquakes in northern California—a magnitude 6.4 on December 20, 2022, and a magnitude 5.4 on January 1, 2023—are powerful reminders of the kind of damage and disruption that earthquakes can cause.

Preparing for recovery after an earthquake is an essential part of resilience, too. Be sure to present tips and tools for financial preparedness and messaging about earthquake insurance in your next outreach campaign.

Happy Holidays from CREW!

Peaceful snow-covered landscape.

2022 was another active and productive year for CREW, and we want to thank all of our partners and friends in the fields of emergency management, disaster preparedness, and earthquake insurance for their contributions to CREW’s activities and for their daily efforts to help households and communities prepare for earthquakes and other disasters.

Reflecting on CREW’s work this past year brings to mind a number of accomplishments, including working with our partner CUSEC to orchestrate the first hybrid National Earthquake Program Managers Meeting; presenting the national Mind the Gap earthquake insurance forum; and hosting both a webinar and podcast to explain and publicize CPACE as a potential instrument for financing the seismic mitigation of commercial buildings.

And we can’t pass up this opportunity to mention again the tool chest of materials—including videos, a website, and social media graphics—that CREW developed to help our disaster preparedness partners educate people about earthquake insurance and financial preparedness for disasters.

We look forward to a very productive new year and to collaborating with both old friends and new partners in the months ahead. In the meantime, we wish everyone a very happy holiday season and a resilient new year!