CREW Lifelines Resilience Series Webinar | Water Utility Earthquake Resilience Symposium

You are invited to register and attend The Water Utility Earthquake Resilience Symposium as part of the CREW Lifeline Resilience Series. This symposium is being conducted as a series of six webinars. There is no cost to attend these informative sessions. Participants will receive certificates of completion that may be used in some cases to obtain continuing education credits .

The Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup (CREW) and the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (PNSN) have developed the Water Utility Earthquake Resilience Symposium that will convene on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 2:00 -3:30 pm from June 11 through June 30, 2020. This 6-session symposium will consist of ~60 minutes of presentations followed by 30 minutes Q&A and discussion on the topic of the day. Each session will include expert presentations related to water utilities and earthquake impacts. A panel of experts will be available after the presentations to field questions and participate in the conversation. (See more detail below).  

We had originally planned a two-day, in person meeting at the University of Washington but that had to be canceled in early March due to the pandemic. The Lifelines Committee Program team has evolved the meeting plan into this on-line series that promises to be informative and engaging. We hope to see you on June 11th for the symposium kick off session.

Daily topics for the Water Utility Earthquake Resilience Symposium include:

June 11th, 2020 | Cascadia Region Earthquake Hazards: Harold Tobin, Director of the PNSN and Earthquake Effects on Water and Sewer Systems Planning for Liquefaction, Erin Wirth, USGS Seismologist

June 16th, 2020 | Water and Sewer Systems Planning for Vulnerabilities: William Perkins, Shannon and Wilson & Donald Ballantyne

June 18th, 2020 | Emergency Response and Mutual Aid: Phil Brun, City of Napa, California, and the Cascadia Water/Wastewater Agency Response Networks (IDWARN, ORWARN and WAWARN)

June 23, 2020 | Science tools for planning and response, David Wald, USGS, an Introduction to the ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning System, Lucy Walsh, University of Oregon and Applications for Earthquake Early Warning in Water and Wastewater Utilities, Dan Ervin, Varius Inc.

June 25th, 2020 | Mitigation, building resilience over time: Joe Strahl, CREW, new ASCE recommendation for pipelines and water system components and Small Water District Mitigation and Special Considerations.

June 30th, 2020 | Overview of Mitigation Funding Programs, Christina Wollman, Perteet, A conversation with the Oregon and Washington State Hazard Mitigation Officers, Amie Bashant and Tim Cook

Registration for this webinar is open. If you have any questions, please contact Pascal Schuback.