ShakeAlert – Earthquake Early Warning for the West Coast

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ShakeAlert™ is an earthquake early warning (EEW) system that detects significant earthquakes so quickly that alerts can reach many people before shaking arrives. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) along with a coalition of State and university partners is developing and testing the ShakeAlert™ System for the West Coast of the United States.

Each CREW state partner is working to incorporate the ShakeAlert system into their emergency management plans and operations.  While the ShakeAlert system is not in public use at this time, the development and testing periods are moving forward and developers are working with additional public, private and non government organizations to help prepare and incorporate it. For more information on ShakeAlert and the possibility of becoming a pilot user, please reach out to the respective EEW Coordinator respective for your state below.

To learn more on the Pacific Northwest for earthquake early warning education, training and outreach, you can read it here.

California – TBD

OregonJosh Bruce, Oregon Earthquake Early Warning Coordinator

WashingtonMaximilian Dixon, Earthquake Program Manager, Washington State Emergency Management