Podcast: Ahead of the Wave

Ahead of the Wave is a podcast series developed by the Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup and funded by the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program. Our intention with this project is to provide timely discussions with experts on a variety of seismic and risk reduction topics to help inform seismic and emergency management professionals as well as the public. The podcasts share information about professionals in the field and their career pathways, provide an introduction to various earthquake-resiliency topics, and share informational resources related to earthquake preparedness and resiliency. Our hope is to present this information in an accessible manner and to allow our guests to share their knowledge and experiences.

Episode 4: NEHRP – A discussion with the National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program FEMA HQ Team

In this episode we have a discussion with Ed Laatsch, Bill Blanton and Jon Foster who all help manage the NEHRP program at FEMA Headquarters. We talk about everyone’s background, how they progressed to where they are now and the objectives of the program.

Episode 3: Tsunami Evacuation Structure and Earthquake Mitigation

In this episode, we have a discussion with Cale Ash, Seattle Group Director and Principal at DegenKolb, about his work on tsunami vertical evacuation structures in Washington, from design to implementation. Cale has been a part of CREW for many years and previously served on CREW’s board.

Episode 2: Flood & Earthquake Insurance

In this episode, we have a discussion with Scott Van Hoff, Regional Flood Insurance Liaison with FEMA Region 10. We talk not only about flood insurance, but also how to incorporate earthquake/seismic mitigation. We touch on the process involved when an earthquake or flood happens and how FEMA supports you. We focus more on homeowners and renters, but talk a little about commercial structures, too.

Episode 1: C-PACE

In this episode Rafi Golberstein, the CEO for PACE Loan Group, and Shelly Haack, the Project Manager for Prosper Portland, discuss the CPACE loan program, how and where CPACE loans can be used for seismic mitigation, the process involved, and the projects to which CPACE can be applied. This is an important resource for commercial building owners in areas at risk of earthquake damage.