Upcoming NETAP Web-Based Earthquake Training for Alaska, Oregon, and Washington

The National Earthquake Technical Assistance Program (NETAP) is offering the following free web-based earthquake trainings in April and May for Alaska, Oregon, and Washington:

The National Earthquake Technical Assistance Program (NETAP) is designed to help state, local, territorial and tribal governments obtain the knowledge, tools and support that they need to plan and implement effective earthquake mitigation strategies. To this end, NETAP provides trainings and associated materials on topics related to earthquake risk reduction.

Earthquake Insurance Forum & NEPM Wrap Up; Next Steps

Mind the Gap earthquake insurance forum banner

The Mind the Gap national earthquake insurance forum was successfully convened on March 28 in Memphis, Tennessee. It allowed panelists and attendees—some of whom participated in person, some virtually—to explore the role of earthquake insurance in resilience. In addition to discussing a number of challenges that have so far limited the role of earthquake insurance in financial preparedness, panelists also introduced research and messaging recommendations and tools that participants can use in their earthquake education and outreach programs.

The forum was recorded, so those who were unable to participate in the live event will still be able to see what took place. The recordings will be posted to CREW’s earthquake insurance forum page as soon as they’re available.

Continue to watch this space for upcoming announcements: We’ll have more news soon about earthquake insurance and financial preparedness!

NEPM 2022 Meeting banner

Following the Mind the Gap earthquake insurance forum on March 28, the 2022 National Earthquake Program Managers Meeting was convened at the same venue (March 29-31). In addition to fruitful discussions and thought-provoking presentations, participants who attended the meeting in person experienced an entirely unscheduled tornado warning that triggered Memphis’ tornado sirens and prompted everyone to take shelter until the storm system passed. Fortunately, no tornadoes materialized over Memphis, but it was a vivid reminder that we need to be prepared for disasters wherever we are.

Like the earthquake insurance forum, the NEPM meeting was a hybrid event, with both in-person and virtual presenters and participants. The meeting recordings will be made available to participants soon.