Meet our Board of Directors

Executive Committee:

President: Timothy Walsh

Vice President: Bill Steele

Past President: Ines Pearce

Secretary: Sue Olsen

Treasurer: Open

Board Members:

Althea Rizzo, Geologic Hazards Program Manager, Oregon Emergency Management

Bill Steele, Director of Outreach & Information Services, Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, University of Washington

Charles Macaulay, Chief Engineer, Global Risk Consultants

Ines Pearce, Managing Partner, Pearce Global Partners

Jim Mattison, Simpson Strong Tie

Yvette LaDuke, California Office of Emergency Services

Maximilian Dixon, Earthquake Program Manager, Washington State Emergency Management Division

Robert White, Seismic Specialist, Emergency Management British Columbia

Steve Robinson, Cascadia Prepared, Eugene Oregon

Sue Olsen, Public Safety Canada, Pacific Region

Timothy Walsh, Retired Assistant State Geologist, State of Washington Department of Natural Resources

Yumei Wang, Affiliate Faculty & Senior Advisor on Infrastructure Resilience and Risk, Portland State University,

Federal Partners:

Joan Gomberg, Research Geophysicist, USGS

Executive Director: Pascal Schuback, 206.414.8799

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