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Vertical Evacuation Plans Could Save Thousands from Tsunamis, Studies Say

Two new federally-funded studies say vertical evacuation structures could save thousands of Washington coastal residents from deadly tsunami waves.

A series of specially constructed berms, towers, and buildings could save an estimated 24,750 residents and visitors in Pacific and Grays Harbor counties which have more than 120 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline lying only a short distance from the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Geologic studies have shown that the low-lying coastal zones of these counties have experienced Magnitude 9+ Cascadia earthquakes and tsunamis about every 300 to 500 years over the past 3,500 years.

Download PDF reports here: Greys Harbor Vertical Final, Pacific County Vertical Final

Shallow Earthquakes Strike Colorado and Virginia

The recent M5.3 earthquake in Colorado and M5.9 earthquake in Virginia serve as reminders that shallow earthquakes can happen away from known fault lines. The Cascadia Region has experienced many shallow historical earthquakes. A shallow earthquake on the Seattle or Portland Hills faults would result in widespread damage and disruption. For more information on shallow earthquake, refer to CREW Cascadia Shallow Earthquakes and our other scenario documents at: EQ Scenarios.