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CREW works with many partners to present forums, workshops and public presentations on timely topics related to earthquakes and related hazards.

CREW encourages journalists to learn more about earthquakes in our region and how our region can become more resilient to them. We are a nonprofit, all-volunteer, public-private coalition with a mission to reduce the effects of earthquakes and related hazards through awareness, education and partnerships. By accurately reporting on earthquakes and how to plan and prepare for them, you will help us reduce the damage and destruction caused by these inevitable events.

Please use these resources in your work and consult our list of CREW media contacts, including CREW members who are available to speak with reporters immediately after an earthquake, if you have further questions.

CREW posts videos to the CascadiaEQ channel on YouTube. These include a recent presentation at the University of Oregon’s Portland campus that examined earthquake issues in the Cascadia region in light of lessons learned from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku, Japan.

Fact Sheets

Earthquakes in the News: Tohoku (Japan, 2011) and What It Means for Cascadia

It’s Beach Season in the Northwest: Are You Tsunami Ready?

Tsunami Preparedness and Mitigation in Cascadia region

Earthquake scenarios: CREW publications that explain in narrative form how earthquakes and related hazards unfold in our region.

CREW YouTube channel (CascadiaEQ)

More earthquake resources and links

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