About CREW

The Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup (CREW) was formed in the late 1990s to address the regional nature of earthquake hazards in the Pacific Northwest. CREW is a coalition of private and public representatives working together to improve the ability of communities throughout the Cascadia Region to reduce the effects of earthquakes and related hazards, such as tsunami. We work to build stronger relationships within and between the public, private, academic and other non profit organizations located and/or operating throughout the Cascaida region, which stretches from northern California to British Columbia.

 Many agencies and organizations identify, study, monitor and predict earthquakes and related hazards. CREW values their important work, but our mission is different. We strive to bring together researchers, practitioners and community members in a unique forum that works across city, state and national boundaries to help the entire Cascadia Region plan for earthquakes and related hazards and become more resilient to these inevitable events. 

 We host regional meetings, workshops and business roundtables, produce planning guides and other resources, respond to media requests for information and expertise, and maintain this website as a guide and gateway to the many community, state and federal resources devoted to earthquake hazards and how to plan for them. 

 Specifically, CREW’s goals are:

  • Promote efforts to reduce the loss of life and property damage from earthquakes; 
  • Educate and motivate decision makers, managers, and the general public to reduce risks associated with earthquakes; and 
  • Foster productive linkages between scientists, critical infrastructure providers, businesses and governmental agencies in order to improve the resilience of communities after an earthquake.  
  • Read more in our Strategic Plan.

 We invite all individuals, businesses and organizations that want to make the Cascadia Region more resilient to earthquakes and related hazards to join us. The success of CREW hinges on interested individuals and organizations taking part in making the Cascadia region more resilient to future earthquakes. Participation is open to any individual interested in advancing mitigation and community resilience to earthquakes in the Cascadia region. CREW currently includes representation from business, engineering, geology, seismology, regional planning, transportation and utility systems, social science, academia and risk and emergency management.  It also includes individuals from across the Cascadia Region including British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California. For additional information please contact us at info@crew.org.